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The Purest Way to Eat Oysters

To enjoy the pure flavour of oyster is to eat it with less added ingredients as possible
Course Appetizer
Cuisine French
Keyword oyster, oysters
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 70kcal
Author Piret Ilver
Cost 15


  • oyster knife
  • oyster cloves
  • serving plate


  • 12 pcs oyster no 3 or 2 Arcachon areas preferred
  • 1 pcs lemon medium size
  • 1 bag ice


  • Prepare the serving plate, add ice to a plate. Plate shoud be fulli covered with ice!
  • cut lemon into small sectors, but keep them separetly still for a while
  • open oysters. Read more how to open oysters in our blog
  • place oysters on the ice of the serving plate and add the lemon sectors


Enjoying oysters with adding only lemon juice, is the best way to truly feel the different taste of oysters. 
We recommend the “pure way”  for oyster tasting events where you can offer 3-5 different oysters. Start with lighter and smaller. And finish the nuttiest and biggest.
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By Piret Ilver

Oysters are "affordable luxury" - always special, different in every corner of the world, and every moment while eating oysters is special. It should be mentioned that oysters are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Finally, there's no need to worry about calories whilst eating oysters! Oysters are an easy way to turn your regular dinner into a special one! There's no question where to travel next - take me somewhere close to oyster bars! These are all the reasons why I became an oyster-lover. Oysters and oyster-tourism is exactly what this blog is about.

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