Frozen Oysters – Into the Oven and Ready in 10 Minutes!


In general, I still prefer completely fresh oysters and only served with lemon juice. Sometimes, although rarely, with chilli. Then the taste of the oyster enhances and the difference between oysters originating from different regions is the most prominent.

However, it happens sometimes that the oyster bars have leftover oysters. It would be a shame to throw all the good stuff away, so the ones left will be put into the freezer. I will share how to eat the oysters after freezing them!

Frozen Oysters – Into the Oven and Ready in 10 Minutes!

When taking the oysters from the freezer, be sure to put them in the oven, as they cannot be eaten raw after being frozen. My favourite way to do it is by opening the oysters, having them on a pan for a bit, adding a piece of cheese and then throwing them into the oven for about 12-15 minutes.

Try your hardest not to let the oysters dry in the oven as that completely ruins the taste. It is awfully difficult to get it right at first, depending on the oven and how big the oyster happens to be. And, of course, how fresh of an oyster you put into the freezer.

In short, if you take the oysters out of the oven and hopefully they have not been overcooked, add a small amount of onion jam, if necessary, a small piece of chilli pepper and a bit of lemon juice. I suggest garnishing with onion jam and a few coriander leaves.

And the result should look something like this:

Frozen oysters to oven
Frozen oysters – into the oven and ready in 10 minutes!

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