How To Open and Shuck the Oysters?


That’s exactly how I looked at them when I dragged a box full of oysters home for the very first time. I had tried to open them with my friends a few times, but each time I felt like I was very close to cutting my hand, or at least drops of my blood ended up on our kitchen countertop.

Later on, I found the opening to be quite a simple process! The Oyster box that I bought also came with the right knife, which is an essential tool for any oyster lover.

Geay oysters
Geay Oysters in the Box

What Kind of Oyster Knife To Choose?

Longer and sharper knives are suitable for oysters such as Cap Horn, from France. I quickly realised that we had tried to open the oyster with the wrong type of knife, and therefore I advise others to make sure that such a flat and wide-tipped knife is worth using for flat oysters before throwing it in the corner.

This trick for unlocking them is relatively basic – the tip of the knife is between the oysters and you turn until the crack is gone. Then you cut the oyster through the box and you’re done. Ready to serve. You can read more which kind of knife to choose here.

What To Know When Opening the Oyster?

What is important to remember when opening the oysters (I forgot it in the beginning) is to pour out the liquid from the oyster after getting it open and then serve it in an ice bowl. In about 10 seconds, a new liquid forms inside the oyster which differs from the one you pour away. It makes the taste much juicier and more pleasant.

I also went to see special oyster gloves made of metal. Honestly, it didn’t look much better and I still use one of the usual thicker types of work gloves, both do the work equally.

Looking around the internet, maybe you will be tempted to buy one of the most beautiful varieties of austrino and glove sets. Go for it, but it must be beautiful!

In the beginning, I also looked at the oyster opening machines. I have to say that now I’m very happy that I didn’t buy it! At some point, I began to understand that the opening oysters by hand have their own charm and the mechanical opening machine totally loses it.

I realised it when I had acquired (lifelong learning) the ability to open at least 5 oysters per minute. The first time I tried, it took about 5 minutes to open one oyster and a good amount of energy! It’s all worth it after a while!

Oysters and Champagne
Oysters and Champagne

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