The Times I Didn’t Dare To Eat Oysters


Why Didn’t I Eat Oysters Before?

Before I started eating oysters, I knew nothing about them. I had briefly seen them in supermarkets and always skipped them quickly when I ran into them on restaurant menus.

In fact, I didn’t dare eat oysters for a long time because oyster-lovers always talked about the weird way to swallow it as a whole and how the oyster still moves in your throat!

Today, I am more than convinced that oyster-lovers only tell this story so they have to give up these luxurious treats from their plate!

Oysters on Ice
Oysters on Ice

Are There Oysters for Beginners?

It may have happened to you that when you see an oysters for the first time, you do not understand their beauty and taste. This situation happened to me too.

But some time later in the oyster bar in Los Angeles where one oyster expert explained to me that for the first time to try oyster is the best to try size 3 and try to avoid very “nutty” and “greasy” oysters.

In Europe, the oyster Claire no3 from Marennas in France, is the best for beginners. In the US, I recommend all Canadian oysters as they are smaller and with a very clear taste.

The first time I tried oysters, was with a friend in Brussels, Belgium. I remember I didn’t dare to say that I haven’t tried them and after the first oyster, I was addicted! Then, of course, I didn’t realise what kind of oysters we ate.  

But if I remember correctly, they were flat oysters and probably size 3, perfect for a beginner and an oyster newbie.

Everyone Knows That!

Anyone who hasn’t eaten oysters has heard for sure that it will start to move in their throat and probably in their stomachs too! In addition, the oyster must be swallowed in one go.

In addition of course, everyone knows as well that when the oysters aren’t fresh you will spend the next day sitting in the bathroom. Sounds already good! Then you find yourself in a situation where you have to eat an oyster for the very first time. I know the feeling- a slight panic and you swallow your first oyster hesitantly.

After some seconds, there is a slight joy of victory in your eyes. Then the realization that nothing moves in your mouth or stomach. Finally comes down to two possibilities: you either love it or hate it!

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